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MISSOURI Loves you!

Dear Friends,

It is our duty today more than ever to be strong and to reassure and encourage our families, our employees and all the children – the smile of our days.

This situation is the test for all of us, we miss our usual way of life, but at the same time it gives us the opportunity to spend more time with people who are used to be dear to us.

By listening to them, we can discover new qualities in them, share emotions and dream together.

We have always believed in the future and taken care of it, as we have always taken care of our children, pampering them and creating shoes for the most important events of their lives.

Now more than ever, we want to be close to You. Missouri loves You and hopes to embrace you again soon.

We are sincerely convinced that this difficult time will pass, and the new Spring will be even more beautiful and full of colors.

We still stay close to You on all our social channels and, of course, at your complete disposal online.
We embrace You all tight, and be assured, see you soon!


Missouri Family