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Our history

Since 1971 the Missouri kids shoes brand has been present on the international market for kids shoes with quality collections, elegant and refined, with attention to structural and aesthetic details.

The inheritance represents that complex patrimony constituted by all that the past has transmitted to the present and that defines the identity of a territory, a population, a social group, a company.

Thus each inheritance represents the testimony of something that happened in the past and can help us understand the present. One can also say that it is the inheritances, the signs of the past, which give value to a story and its protagonists.

Speaking of the goods handed down in families, time forms a patina that indicates longevity, rooting, thickness. The patina becomes the visual witness that a family has been able to preserve for a long time and has also learned to manage it.

It recognizes style, which determines the recognizability of the social position and its own contemporary actions. This is what we are and we do every day.

– The Missouri family business –